01. What do you think is the best [method] to learn new vocabulary?
02. One of the best [methods] to stop the spread of AIDS is to use a condom.
03. I don't think hitting children is a very effective [method] of teaching them anything.
04. The teacher uses some innovative new [methods] to make learning mathematics interesting and fun.
05. Someone once observed that experience is the most difficult [method] of learning.
06. Tsing-Tao is a Chinese beer made using German brewing [methods].
07. The coach's new [method] for teaching basic football skills to small children has been very successful.
08. In Britain, the law was changed in 1789 to make the [method] of execution hanging; prior to that, criminals were burned to death.
09. She is very slow and [methodical] in her work, but she certainly does an excellent job.
10. The soldier [methodically] made his way through the bodies, stopping to shoot anyone who looked like he was still alive.
11. No birth control [method] is 100 percent effective.
12. Second language vocabulary can often be learned through indirect [methods] such as reading.
13. The first person to be executed by the [method] of lethal injection died in Texas in December of 1982.
14. In Russia, abortion still remains the main [method] of birth control.
15. Current ESL [methodology] emphasizes the importance of learning vocabulary.
16. The ESL programs here at the university and at the college follow somewhat different [methodologies], with different perspectives on learning.
17. The teachers' approaches showed some [methodological] differences which resulted in varying teaching styles.
18. In the early 1900s, the use of trains revolutionized supply [methods] for modern armies.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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